Hints & Tips

Taste before you buy A cheese will vary from batch to batch for 101 different reasons.

Buy little and often A cheese will only mature well if whole and stored in the correct atmosphere.

Portion control On a cheese board 60-80g (2oz) per person is ample. If using cheese as the protein part of a main coarse allow 120g (4oz) per portion.

Display Odd numbers always look more pleasing than even.

Accompaniments Dried and Soft fruits, nuts, jellies and fruit cheeses, apples, pears, biscuits, breads and fruit cake - or grapes and celery if you must!

Serve at ambient temperature Bring out of the fridge at least 1 hour before serving. If eating on day of purchase simply keep it wrapped at room temperature until served.

Temperature Remember that homes are much warmer now than they used to be. The fats in cheese begin to melt above 15C. Be careful your cheese doesn't get too warm.

Avoid Clingfilm Use waxed paper or foil for ripened or blue cheeses, cellophane/HDPE - over the cut surfaces only - on hard cheeses.

Larder Every Home should have one! Ideally keep cheese on a cold surface (marble or slate) covered with a fly screen or cheese dome.

Fridge Keep cheese separate from other foods in the salad drawer or a container with a lid and keep it well wrapped to avoid drying out.